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Marine Contracting Services

Marine Construction

Commercial and Residential Marine Construction

Located in Mystic, Connecticut, Gwenmor Marine Contractors is strategically positioned for commercial and residential construction projects from Buzzards Bay to New York. With our knowledge of industry standards, environmental regulations, and experience Gwenmor always delivers added value, creative solutions and solid results for our clients. We are accustomed to working in fluctuating tidal ranges and have extensive working knowledge of Long Island Sound. Our project experience includes the following:

  • Design, Environmental Engineering and Permitting

  • Pile Driving (Timber, Steel, Composite, Concrete)

  • Pier and Wharf Repair and Construction

  • Floating Dock Construction (Aluminum, Timber, Concrete)

  • Shorefront Stabilization (Seawalls, Riprap/Revetment, Timber Bulkheads, Steel and Composite Sheet Pile Walls)

  • Waterfront Dock and Pier Maintenance and Repairs

  • Custom Docks, Stairs, Gangways and Access Ramps

  • Waterborne Demolition

  • Bridge Repair and Construction Services

  • Environmental Drilling Support Services

Custom Dock Installations

Custom Dock and Deck Installations

Gwenmor specializes in designing and installing docks that give you easy access to your boat at all times AND enhance your property value. Our floating dock units are designed to integrally support a variety of possible utilities across three categories of construction: light, medium and heavy-duty. We also have the ability to customize the units to meet whatever our customers’ specific needs may be including electronics, lighting, unique benches, gangways, rack and stairs - even ladders for your pets.

  • Electrical Service and Fresh Water Supply

  • Beautiful, Weather-Resistant Lighting

  • Custom Boat Lifts

  • Racks for Kayaks and more

  • Ladders for People and Pets

  • Gates, Railings, Benches and more

Waterway Dredging

Environmentally-Sound Dredging

October 1 through May 31 is the legal dredging season in our region.

Our knowledge of the waterways around Long Island Sound, marine industry standards and practices, and environmental regulations helps us set proper expectations for our clients.  Gwenmor Marine Contractors of Mystic, Connecticut is ideally positioned for dredging projects from Buzzards Bay to New York.  Our family’s years of dredging experience in the coastal waters of New England has given us a deep understanding of what it takes to complete challenging projects in harsh winter conditions and tidal waterways.

Our experience in the marine construction industry has been passed down from generation to generation, and we have learned the intricacies of dredging in these regions during restricted and non-restricted permit conditions.  Our past project experience includes the following:

  • Far-shore and near-shore environmental clamshell bucket dredging

  • Dredged material decanting & dewatering, transportation and disposal

  • Turbidity control systems

  • Offshore disposal

  • Upland disposal

  • Dredging in depths up to 65 feet

  • Marine support for tugs and barges


In an effort to be on the forefront of safety awareness, we maintain both a Towing Safety Management System as well as a Dredge Safety Management System.  These systems are USCG, Sub M and ISM compliant.  In addition to operating in a safe and ethical manner, we also employ the use of the latest state of the art electronic equipment while operating our dredges and tugboats.

Recovery Salvage

Disaster Recovery Salvage

Salvage refers to any emergency on-water situation that requires the rescue of a vessel from danger or peril,  including but not limited to, hard groundings and sinking. Salvage and Recovery Services include but are not limited to:  Sinking Boats, Hard Groundings, Diving Services, Sunken Boats and Burned Boats.

Gwenmor can provide a number of services:

  • Marine Salvage Recovery

  • Recovery Services on Land

  • Coastal Towing to Port

  • Underwater Recovery

  • Wreck Removal

Our salvage equipment, vessels and crew are fully mobile and ready for immediate deployment, whenever and wherever we are needed. We use soft rigging and air liftbags to prevent any additional damage to your vessels during salvage operations. 
Gwenmor will work to assist you through the whole process, even after we have refloated your vessel and gotten you back to port. We will help guide you through the insurance claims process and work directly with your insurance company.

Sometimes a vessel cannot be salvaged due to fire or extreme damage from weather or collision. Gwenmor’s team can work to remove the wrecked vessel and will make arrangements for disposal of the vessel. The liability section of a comprehensive boat insurance policy provides many coverages that are important to boat owners. Coverage for the removal or disposal of the wreck of your boat is important to have, especially if the wreck is deemed to be a hazard to navigation.